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The Proto II Wall system is the single most significant development in site and interior fencing. That's a bold statement to make, but when you consider what it brings to the table in benefits and cost savings, that it can allow the choice of a durable concrete masonry unit (cmu) wall in lieu of budget driven, non-durable wood fencing, that it is used by the majority of major builders, and that...well, you get the idea. It's a fencing solutions with serious up-side and broadbased acceptance.

And for very good reasons. Proto II incorporates cmu in a patented post tension structural principles and time tested engineering from other post tensioned systems. Proto II to be a superior system for site wall and common/privacy wall applications. It has redefined the way fence walls are built.

Savings and Advantages

Of course, tremendous savings would be a primary advantage for the builder, Proto II has saved builders very substantial dollars for years, it's also true that its better price buys a better wall.

Proto II™ Retaining Wall - six PDS for varying wall types and conditions

Proto II™ fence (6'4" max) on top of Proto™ retainer only
Std Engineering Set Proto II™ retainer - no wall on top Proto II™ on top of grouted retainer (hybrid) Proto II™ fence (6'4" max) on top of hybrid Proto II™ retainer and grouted retainer Maximum slope of high soil Wind design for fence wall on top of retaining

Note: all wind designs are available


All Zone 4

Max ret'g ht 6' 11'4" 6' 11'4"
Max fence ht - - 6'4" 6'4"
Total height 6' 11'4" 12'4" 17'4"
A X X - - Level (4:1 max) n/a ALL
B X X X X Level (4:1 max) B @ 70 No Type A or B<2km
C X X X X Level (4:1 max) C @ 70 ALL
D X X - - 2:1 n/a ALL
E X X X X 2:1 B @ 70 No Type A or B<2km
F X X X X 2:1 C @ 70 ALL

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